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Timeshare Law
Timeshare laws provide consumer protections against predatory, manipulative, and high-pressure sales tactics by timeshare salespeople. They also give owners the right to cancel their contract in a timely fashion and prevent resorts from using misleading or deceptive advertising practices.

Timeshare Cancellation: Depending on the jurisdiction that governs your timeshare contract, there is a slim 3-15 day cancellation period. In most cases, owners are required to send a cancellation letter that includes the owner’s name, purchase date, and contract number. Although it is not required, adding a list of reasons for your decision to cancel the transaction can be helpful as well. Contact DC Capital Law for more information and assistance formulating an effective timeshare cancellation letter.

Timeshare Exit: If the cancellation period has passed, timeshare owners still have options when it comes to exiting their timeshare contract. We offer free consultations to help owners understand their rights and inform them of the different exit methods at their disposal. If necessary, we will aggressively pursue litigation, but we also have valuable experience with arbitration and mediation proceedings to secure a favorable settlement negotiation on behalf of our clients.

Debt Collection Protection: The most common reason owners choose to exit their timeshare is financial in nature. Maintenance fees, special assessments, and raising taxes can be a difficult burden and one that is compounded when being harassed by debt collectors. When you work with DC Capital Law (or any other attorney), these collectors are legally required to contact, and negotiate with, your attorney instead of you and your family. .

If you or someone you know is interested in eliminating their timeshare ownership, please contact our offices today by completing this form or calling  202-793-4433. We offer free consultations and are eager to help you resolve your legal issues in a timely and effective manner.